my vision

Well hey there!


If you've read the other things I've written, you know I have a love for fun designs and being creative. So why greeting cards? I'm so glad you asked ;)

You know how exciting it is to receive a card, hand delivered or via mail, that you weren't expecting? Or one that you anticipate and can't wait to see.. like your friend's card at Christmas?! 

It's tangible; something to hold, touch, see -not on a screen- but actual hand written words that speak directly to you! Aren't you excited already?!

Social media is great, but how often do you truly feel connected to your friends? What if you started reaching out and creating opportunities to better connect and form deeper, more meaningful relationships? Sending a thank you, saying HELLO!, letting someone know you're thinking of them, appreciate them!

All these things can happen with a simple card. Brighten someone's day by sharing your thoughts and giving happiness freely in form of the written word!

Which leads me to my vision of being able to create fun, beautifully designed cards that will encourage your spread of kindness. There's no better time than now to reconnect and lift each other up! After all, kindness is a gift everyone can afford! 

XO- Aubree