about me


I finally decided to chase my design dream after having my third babe. I love being a mother to my kiddos, but there's also something about doing things that reenergize you, completely unrelated to motherhood! 

My love for beautiful cards and paper goods started a long time ago.. like think back to Lisa Frank (if you know, you know!), when having the cutest folder, binder, note book, and stickers - to excessively decorate the already bold designs - was life! 

Art was my go-to for every elective credit I in school. I can't tell you how many times I've changed my handwriting, signature, cursive style.. you get the picture. I even went to college to pursue a degree in graphic design (that I didn't get around to finishing... lol)

Then, in 2020, I said enough is enough. Dreams are great, but it's what you do with them that matters! So here we are. The Roux Market was born, and I'm following the dream of making beautiful designs for you, leveling up your gifting game, and helping you connect with zero hassle!

There's always a need for a cute card on hand, and with The Roux Market's bundles, you'll never be in short supply. For a spontaneous or well-warranted thought, I got you covered.

A truly heartfelt thank you- for being here, sharing my love for beautiful designs, and making my dream a reality! Happy shopping from me and my little clan!

xo- Aubree